CannaSorb Details

Method of use can vary greatly from instructions below depending on your formula, the form of CS, and the intended use purpose/objective.

Ingredient Highlights

Ingredient Function: Active Solubilizer
Solubility: Oil & Water-Soluble
Description: Light Amber, Viscous :iquid
Odor: None
Recommended Usage: 0.5% - 5.0%+ Suggested Dose/Serving: 5-15+ mg
(or 50 mg daily) 

Production Information

Derived From: Hemp
Preserved With: No preservative
Country of Origin: USA
Method of Extraction: Proprietary
How to Store: Store in a cool, dry place

General Instructions


For fast-acting effects:  A 2% or higher weightload may be necessary for full effect.

For flavor/fragrance adjustments: CS is known to amplify flavors and fragrances, which either helps produce a stronger profile or allows users to heavily reduce thesestandard weightloads. Before adding CS, first decrease the weightload your flavors, fragrances, etc. by 30% to 40% to gauge total reduction potential, then increase/decrease accordingly from there. 

CannaSorb Liquid Concentrate ("CS")

Use as Solubilizer:
: Multiply your formula's total oil weightload by 20%, then add it to the original weight.
(ex. 1.48 g of oils x 20% = .296 g
.296 g + 1.48 g = 1.78 g of CS)

Method: We recommend adding CS directly to all combined oils in the formula, then proceeding with normal production steps.

All Other Uses:
Weightload: Based mg per serving and/or strength of effects desired; start low and increase amounts in formula until all desired effects are met.
Method: Varies based on product type and objective.

CannaSorb Flowable Powder

Weightload: Based mg per serving and/or strength of effects desired; start low and increase weightload in formula until all desired effects are met. NOTE: Flowable Powder is 50% active. Double the weightload in order to achieve 100% activity.
Method: Add CS powder to your product at any stage. For use as solubilizer, consult your formulator for assistance.

CannaSorb Hemp Infusion ("CI")

Weightload: Based mg per serving and/or strength of effects desired; start low and increase weightload in formula until all desired effects are met.
Method: Add to finished products such as beverages for desired effects (bioavailability, fast-acting, flavor enhancement, etc.). This diluted form of CS is not intended for use as a solubilizer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CannaSorb?

Derived entirely from hemp, CS is a proprietary, natural bio-polymer that is safe and effective in the human body. With exceptional results in edibles, vapes, beverages, capsules and many other categories, CS delivers a wide range of unmatched product development potential and performance that increases both efficacy and profitability.

What ingredients can CS replace?

CS can replace emulsifying and solubilizing agents, nano-CBD (and other nano cannabinoids), fast-acting agents and other miscellaneous ingredients.
It is available in liquid concentrate, flowable powder, and standard/custom liquid infusion (dilution).

How does CS compare to Nano?

Nano technology only works to moderately improve water-solubility, while CS creates complete solubility (solubilizes up to 80% of it's weight).

More importantly, because nano is only 10-25% active, you need to use 4x or more of nano in your products to achieve the original, intended potency. Additionally, CS:

- Dilutes entirely clear at all concentrations.
- No polymers/binding agents. No "barriers to entry" before absorption.
- 100% Active with 216,000% more biological activity than CBD Isolate (compared to only 10-25% activity in Nano).

What types of products can CS be used in?

CS is a highly versatile ingredient that works wonders in nearly every product application. Including but not limited to:

- Cosmetics
- Edibles (chocolates, gummies, candies, etc.)
Nutraceuticals & Supplements
- Vape Cartridges
- Beverages & Shots
- Misc. Consumables (tablets, pills, tinctures, sprays, etc.)
- Pet Products
- Intimacy Products

How can I place an order?

Submit an order request form here.

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Is CannaSorb Safe?

Absolutely. CS has been thrououghly tested via MTT Assay & LD50 tests, receiving the highest safety rating possible. It is also certified organic, hemp-derived, non-toxic at all doses studied and is pending GRAS approval.

What is Gene Expression Testing?

Genes address, affect and regulate different parts and functions of the body.  Gene Expression testing, on the other hand, tests the body's response to something new in the environment (such as CS) and details which specific genes and how much they are responding.

Genetic expression testing can also be thought of as a shortcut to clinical trials and studies, such as those used by pharmaceutical companies as it helps quickly identify which medicines or vaccines are viable for treatment.

Can I view the full list of Genes tested on the panel?

Absolutely. Please email us at [email protected] and we'd be glad to forward the full list of which specific genes were expressed in testing.